Our mission is to build technology
that reliably creates
authentic human connections.

We never accept the status quo without asking how we can improve, every day.

This shows up in our commitment to giving our customers a life-transforming experience running LikeClockwork. Product, process, and performance are all reconsidered regularly in search of better efficiency, deeper understanding, and more profitable interactions.

We prize reliability in our team and proudly imbue it in our clients.

Trust, efficiency and growth are built on doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. The LikeClockwork product is built to create reliability in our clients and their businesses, which we know from published research is the key determinant of success in home-service businesses.

We value speed, transparency, and directness in communication.

Our team is honest and constructive with each other. We check egos and blame at the door and collaborate on solutions designed to reach our shared goals. We communicate with the same values to all our customers, new and long-term.

No one should be alone on their journey.

We value meaningful interactions. We respect the gifts, talents, and skills of human beings. Above all, we believe that meaningful connection fosters deep learning, and leads to a successful life.
Personal connections are more valuable than “one-to-many”.

  • We are committed to creating, supporting, and enhancing personal provider-client relationships.

  • Support is key - we deliver gold-standard support for every facet of our customer’s journey with LikeClockwork.